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Full CV (download pdf a-rodolfi_-cv-ue-en_-2019) – Short BIO (download pdf a-rodolfi_bio-en_2019)

Alessandro Rodolfi (Parma, 1975), is professor in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the University of Milan
He is Co-Founder of DataConSec
He is Co-Founder of Whistleblowing Solutions
He is Board Member of Hermes Center (GlobaLeaks)

Professionals Roles: External Data Protection Officer – External Auditor ISO 27001 – External OdV 231

+ 15 years of experience in privacy consulting and training
+ 15 years of experience in Information Security Management System (ISO 27001 audit and certification)
+ 10 years of experience in digital forensics investigation
+ 7 years of experience in risk management and international digital whistleblowing best practices